Getting started.

Welcome people to my first blog post!
Well I’m new to the blogging world..all thanks to my friends who suggested me to join a blogging site,since they think that iam a good writer. (I’m still figuring out why! 😝)

Now a bit about me:

Well,I love writing..that’s true,because it helps me to express myself and helps me to me emotionally stable..
Currently I’m done with 1short fiction, 1 short autobiographical novel and working on my first full fledged fiction titled “4”.

And I love reading too.
Be it Chetan Bhagat,Ravinder Singh,Sudeep Nagarkar or Durjoy Datta..I’ve read them all,and they are my inspiration.
To write for change.
To write to express. I have to think what I should exactly write!.. And I do have an idea what iam up to..

Till then!
AdiΓ³s Amigos!

9 thoughts on “Getting started.

  1. Anxiously waiting for ur writeups. Writing and expressing for a change is the need of the hour. Hope you are successful in your gesture! πŸ™‚

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