And he narrates:

“I don’t know would you be able to digest this fact or not, but to be true,I was a very rich and affluent businessman.And owned many industries-most related to the buzzing software field.I lived at a huge mansion at Airoli along with my beautiful wife and life was very perfect until…my Secretary and his team cheated on me by forging some accounts in their name and making some major changes in the shareholder stats which made the company incur some big losses which we couldn’t recover.The shareholders  attacked my mansion and even tried to kill me,claiming me responsible for the loss.That’s when I decided to leave my house..and go far away.

I decided to go and ask for help from many of my friends who acted as if they don’t even recognise me! One of them even beat me up calling me an irritant!

I went ahead to ask some sort of help from the various institutions like Government hospitals and schools that I had funded.But all of them turn a deaf ear towards my plea.

I couldn’t understand what’s going on..until the fact finally dawned upon me.People respected my money. Not me.
They valued my cash registers more than me.I have no importance in their life.The only reason they kept contact with me was the cash rich bank accounts that I possessed, now which has a deserted look.Empty.Blank.

That’s when i learnt:

In this materialistic and dishonest world,money matters.Money decides everything.Money gives you the power to do almost anything.
Its so simple:

Step1: Do a crime…take for example,ram your car over someone and run away.

Step2: When the evidence turns against you, just bribe the guys with some suitcases full of hard cash.

Note: The evidences and the eye witnesses mysteriously disappear on their own after step2.

Step3: You’re free.

Quite simple right?

It takes a bit of time to digest the bitter truth,but yes.I was right.

Money matters.A lot.

7 thoughts on “LESSON 1: MONEY MATTERS

  1. Thats damn true! Today’s materialistic world respects money over a person or over his good deeds! But there is an end even to this… money can’t be a rescue all the time! That is wen u should realise that earning respect is far more valuable than earning money! ^_^

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  2. thats reality of this era ….
    no one is there with u …if u dont hv money …rather we try to earn respect ..but thats not enough for survival …..

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  3. No wonder that guy is begging.
    He is such a coward to run away from problems.
    Perhaps you can teach him that ni matter how hard life knocks you down YOU have to get up…..otherwise everything in the world is irrelevant. The world you are talkng about here is the corporate world…..well i ll say that guy didnt have much respect or money either…..cos otherwise hs staff would never treat him that way…..cos its the corporate world-the bitch. Maybe he should focus more on begging and less in his story telling…..dats what he is worth-coward

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