I was astonished by his words.For a moment,it felt as if I was sitting besides a saint.

Agreeing with his points,I prodded him to proceed..

“Are you sure you want to listen to me? Don’t you have any other work to do or any deadline to meet?” he asks out of curiosity.

“Ya..I do have..not much.I can finish it easily”,I reply meekly,    thinking about the load of pending assignments that await me.

“Ok then..”

After some moments of deep thinking he asks me:
“Do you believe in love?”

I felt weird.Such questions are mostly asked by drunk and jilted,heart broken lovers.

“Ya.I do!”,I respond,thinking about what he will ask next.

“Have you been in a relationship ever?” he asks with the same style the CID people interrogate a thief they catch after loads of planning.

“No..not yet!” I frame out some words and put it forward.

“Then how do you believe in love my boy?”

“I love my Mom and Mom too loves me” I say with a tone full of innocence.

“Oh! Well,that’s the purest love you’ll ever find in this Universe. Incomparable.”

“Can he stop asking about this not so interesting topic!??” I ask myself and keep mum.
I didn’t want to continue the topic or else he would ask me another dumb question,which I clearly didn’t want to happen.

Although I kept silent,he dragged the same topic again,much to my disgust.

“Well,I don’t…no..I do..”,
He said in a confused yet serious tone.
His eyes were red,partially in anger and sadness.

I was trying to figure out what he was up to when he continues..

“When I lost my money and along with it everything,I expected my wife to be besides me and help me out during these difficult times….But..”

“But? What?”

“She eloped with my dishonest Secretary who had taken over my wealth and..and every asset that I had!That bloody cheat!”
He bangs his fist on the floor.

I thought about consoling him, but couldn’t.I was unsure how he would react.Chances were high he may get agitated more.So I drop the plan and let him feel better by allowing him to hurl abuses on both the cheaters,who at the present moment,might be enjoying their lavish life,full of luxuries.
Cheaters that left a scar on his already turmoiled life.

After some moments,he calms down and regains the philosophical avatar he was previously in.

“I knew her since our college days and we were madly in love.After completing my degree and MBA I decided to marry her.Her family was more than happy to let her go with me,after all who doesn’t like their daughter to be married off to a rich guy?”

“Ya..you’re right.Wealth matters a lot nowadays along with your educational level” I agree.

“15 years.
After15 years..of being together she left me..
In those 15years we rarely went out together..maybe a couple of times per year.That’s it.My work assignments had taken a toll on me and my relationship with her.My love for her took a backburner of sorts..and ya..it was solely my mistake….I should have given her more time..I didn’t..
For me my targets and deadlines mattered a lot..instead of her,and as a result,I’m suffering now.I should have spent more time with her….”

His angry tone slowly turned to a sober one, full of regret.He regretted the fact that he gave more time to those not so attractive PowerPoint presentations and charts full of some random target numbers more time than the love of his life.

“So always remember my friend..

Gift some time.

It’s better to gift them some of your precious time instead of some expensive materialistic things,because time is priceless!
They may forget your expensive gifts over a period of time,but they won’t ever forget how you made them feel by gifting them some time..being with them,listening to them and making them feel wanted and important.

Gift some time – to others and yourself,and everything will be alright.

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