“Life is a race. If you don’t move ahead,others will push you down and take your place.”

   The above famous lines by the character Prof.Virusahani Shastrabuddhi (popularly known as VIRUS) from the movie 3 idiots is so true in today’s point of view.Life has truly become a rat race!

   Nowadays, everyone’s life can be summarized with a single word- “HECTIC”. Yes.That’s true.Finding TIME for oneself and your near and dear ones have become difficult.Everyone is busy with their lives,meeting the deadlines,finishing the tasks assigned to them,making ends meet;in short-bound by TIME and its complexities.
By doing the same things everyday,people tend to make their life monotonous, and then eventually one day they will say, “Oh God! Twenty years passed by,and I didn’t even realise it!”
That’s one common example.

    Sometimes, I think to let go of time and be carefree,breaking the shackles of deadlines and all those stuff assigned to me and live free,just the way they show in some Bollywood movies.But that’s when the word RESPONSIBILITY kicks me back to reality. “If you want a better future,you have to work hard NOW.Suffer now,enjoy later;or else enjoy now,suffer later! Up to you!” I keep wondering when this term “better future” will become a reality.Or will it come at all? I don’t know.
Only TIME will tell.

   Each moment of your LIFE is significant. With each passing second, you lose a moment from your life;you come closer to death, which is inevitable.So,we must try to make each of the moments we live count. Make them memorable-for your entire lifetime. Moments do come and go. But some moments are powerful- powerful enough to change our LIVES-FOREVER! Seize those moments! Also sometimes, some moments in LIFE puts you in a dilemma-by asking you to choose between “leaving a particular thing or trying even more hard to keep it or achieve it.” At this juncture,my
advice will be to listen to what your HEART says,and not your MIND.I know the MIND is practical when it comes to decisions; but the HEART is the one which thinks of one’s happiness instead of things like practicality. And yes! before taking that all-important decision of yours, do ponder a bit- “If you want to leave it anyways, then why did you hold on it for so long?” There lies the answer to your decision.

   Another sort of dilemma that most people face is : “To do or not to do?” ,”What will others think of me if I did this?”,”Will they tease me or laugh on me?”, “What about my reputation and fame?”; “but,if I don’t do it now, then WHEN WILL I?”
The solution to this one is quite simple.If you get happiness by doing a particular thing,then do it,and if someone becomes happy with your activity,then DEFINITELY do it! Never think of peoples perspective.Its YOUR LIFE,not theirs. You have a different life-story than theirs.Let their comments not affect you. People will comment. It’s their job afterall! The best you can do is to turn a deaf ear to their words and DO WHAT YOUR GUT INSTINCTS ASK YOU TO DO.So,basically speaking, you have two options:

1.Do or say whatever you want to express AT THE CORRECT MOMENT
2. Don’t say and regret it later.
  So,in short, I’m just trying to accentuate that TIME once gone,can’t be regained.If you lose your money,you may somehow get it back.If you lose your dignity or reputation,you can still get it back (although, it will be of no use then!); but what about TIME? You can’t get it back. You can just relive them with your memories.That’s the beauty of TIME.

     TRY TO CATCH IT BY ITS WINGS             


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