“What the hell!”,I and Viz shout in surprise.

“Actually,I think Rohan is correct guys…
Many people say that this house is haunted..One day I asked my Mom about it.She declined to say anything about it and strictly warned me not to go there..
Rumours has it that the house is haunted by two spirits-one of a Mother and the other-her daughter.”

“Interesting crap!”,I guffawed at the nonsensical talk.

“Even I don’t believe in these.. I feel something fishy.
But there might be some story behind the spirits haunting the house.. ”, Madhav joined me.

“I don’t care whether this house is haunted or not. I just know that tomorrow this match will continue and we’ll get our batting for sure! ”,I speak out, looking intentionally towards Viz.

Viz displayed his trademark grin and a thumbs down symbol as usual.

“Anyways,let’s go guys.. It’s already 6! Today’s matches are just blockbuster! ”,an over- enthusiastic cricket mad Madhav reminded us.

“Ya..Rajasthan vs Chennai whose second innings might have started by now..and the late night Mumbai vs Bangalore!..Obvio Mumbai paltan will win!”,I teased Viz who is an RCB supporter since it has his favourite Gayle in it.

“Gayle is enough for you guys! He’ll single handedly win the match for us!”,Viz smirked.

“Let’s wait and watch!”,I retort.

Time:08:45 pm
The first match was easily won by Dhoni&Co. and Madhav was visibly happy by the win.
The second match had started and Gayle was clean bowled by none other than Malinga,that too in the 3rd over of the match.Well, for Viz,that meant half the match was already done with.

That’s when my Mom called me.
“Can you guys go and bring these things from the store? Fast!Take Madhav’s scooty with you.But come fast.Don’t loiter around.”

I have a look at the list and nod in approval.
Next,I drag a visibly upset Viz from the sofa to accompany me.

“RCB will win.They have a long batting order comprising of players like Virat Kohli and A B de Villiers.They will rebuild the innings right?”,I speak out some positive happy things so that this idiot smiles.And he did too!No wonder why India is a cricket frenzied nation.

Taking triple seat,Me,Madhav and Viz head towards the local grocery store which is a bit far from the home.
It was a full moon night which made up for the lack of streetlights in that typical village.


The number of houses too were less.The road was deserted.People rarely venture out of their homes after sunset.They prefer staying glued to their TV sets watching their favourite Saas-Bahu soap or the Indian Paisa League.
The road was guarded by big lush trees on both the sides.


A slight drizzle welcomed us.Since we were in Kerala,slight showers in May wasn’t a surprise.Soon, we passed by the ground that we played on that evening.

“You won’t get your batting tomorrow ”,Viz taunted us again.
But I didn’t reply to his taunt.
Instead I asked Madhav to stop.

“What happened now!?”,Madhav asked stopping the scooty.

I didn’t say anything,but just pointed out to the so-called haunted house.

We could see a bright,yet meek light emanating from one of the 1st floor windows of the house.


“How can this be possible!”,Viz asked,stunned.

“That’s the question! Who will go to an uninhabited house, that too haunted by spirits, and light a candle! ”,Madhav pointed out the obvious.

“I’m damn sure something’s fishy guys!”,I said,my tone brimming with confidence.

“So what? Let it be. We’ve to bring these items from the grocer’s!..and..and then there’s your match! The strategic time out would be already over. Buck up. Let’s go..! ”,Madhav stammered waving the list.

“Nah!Let’s have a look at least! Come on Maddy!”,we both tried to make him agree.

“NO MEANS NO!”,he stood firm to his point.

“Ohk then! You stand here alone .We two will go ahead then.”


“What now!?Agreed na?”,I smiled at him.

“Ohk then!I give up.
I’m in.Let’s go then.But be quick.We have to go to the grocer’s as well.”,Madhav agreed to accompany us.

He parked his scooty near the boundary line.Cautiously, we climbed over the small broken down wall that stood between the ground and the house.

The basement window too gave out a similar kind of light like that of the 1st floor.

“Seems like the spirits are having a candle light dinner party ”,Viz cracked a totally nonsensical joke (which wasn’t a joke at all in the first place).Still,we laugh half heartedly and move towards the front door.

We look at each other.I volunteered to open it.
But to our surprise, it was already open.
“Much like those clichè Bollywood horror movies! ”,I smile to myself.The door opened with that typical cracking sound,since it hasn’t been opened since ages.
As I open the door,we could see nothing except some few old broken articles,loads of books stacked up and a group family photo on the wall,thanks to the candle lit by the “spirits” near the window.From the entrance,we could see the stairs going up and a part of the kitchen that lay ahead of us.


We stood still,not knowing what to do next.That’s when we sensed something moving near the kitchen.Something very tall and unbelievably fast,as if teasing us to move towards it.

I and Viz moved ahead,intrigued by the object..

and that’s when we hear Madhav scream.


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