We barely managed to close our eyes that night. The sight of the fluorescent green light from the creature had blew up our minds.


The trio of me,Madz and Viz woke up even before the milkman arrived and went outside the house,to check out for some signs that the horrible creature might left out yesterday night. All, but in vain. No clues. No symbols left back. We were disappointed.

Few moments later, Mama joined us.

“I’ll not leave that robber so easily! We’ll register a case for attempt of theft. The local CI Ramendran is a close aide of mine. He’ll definitely look in to this matter seriously and in a matter of few days that cunning thief will be brought down!”,he said with a tone of angst and conviction.

It isn’t a simple thief Mama!,I wanted to speak out, but backed off the last moment.Speaking to Mama regarding the horrible creature would only complicate things, which I didn’t want to happen in any case. I had to wait till evening to execute my ‘plan’.


We three head to the same ground that we had went yesterday. The local guys had already turned up, waiting for other’s to turn up. In another 10 minutes the remaining guys turned up.

Viz helmed the bat once again, as his team had a couple of overs left to play yesterday. But he was bowled off the very first delivery by Madhav-a well disguised googly took off his bails!

We were set a target of 62 in 5 overs-an uphill task. As decided, me and Madhav opened the batting.


The score stood at 28 for no loss. A couple of 4’s from me and Madhav kept the run flow steady. Some misfield’s from the opponent side made things easy for us. At the start of the 3rd over, I signaled Madhav, who was at the non-striker’s end, to come towards me.

“Time to execute our plan Maddy! You ready?”,I asked him.

“Yup! Just do it bro!”,a visibly enthusiastic Madhav replied.

The bowler at the receiving end was Vishnu now. I winked at him. He winked back.

As planned, he delivered a slow ball which I went ahead and smacked out of the park, directly crashing in to the “haunted house’” window pane!


The plan worked and the match came to a halt.

“Oh freak! The ball just went inside that stupid house man! Did anyone bring an extra ball?”,Satish –the opponent team’s captain stated the obvious.

No one.

“Madhav, you had said yesterday that today you’ll bring new balls..where are they?!”,he asked.

“Oh shit! I forgot that completely!”,Madhav blurted out.

“Dammit! Won’t we get our batting even today?”, I acted along.

The sudden halt of the match had made everyone upset. A few of them made groups and sat down, discussing the next IPL clashes and stats of their favorite players.

“Guys! We want our batting today itself! This match should end today itself!”,I shout out to them, trying to catch their attention.

But no one responded as such. They were busy in their talks.

“That’s it!”

One amongst them spotted me, Madhav and Viz heading towards the “haunted house” and alarmed others to stop us from doing so.

The entire gang started shouting out:”Stop guys! Its dangerous!”

We waited for them to catch up with us.

“The plan’s going perfect dude!”,I gave Madhav a bro- fist.


In a few moments, they reached near us.

“Are you nuts Sooraj? You already know about that house! Don’t you?!”,Satish asked, his voice shaken a bit.

That’s the very reason we are heading there idiot!

 “ what?”,I stared in to his eyes.

“Please stop this stupidity guys!Understand!”

“Do you really believe this house is haunted Satish?”


“Have you ever been inside? Saw some ghosts or spirits..anything?”


“Then you too believed these rumours perhaps bro..”,I sighed.

“Total of three people tried this dastardly task of going inside. One guy died in an accident the very night he had entered inside. One of them died of snake bite moments after he came out..and..and one of them never returned back..”, Satish stammered.

“But we will return for sure!”,I smile and turn towards the direction of the house.

“No guys!!!!”

“Do you know the exact reason why this house is haunted? There might be some theory or drama behind it right?”,Madhav asked him.

“Yes..there is one story that the local people say..some rich family resided in this house a very long time ago..a rich man, his wife and their daughter. Their son had went abroad for further studies..but, one day the man murdered his beloved wife and fled away..No one knows’s still a mystery that no one has decoded yet..”

We listened in rapt attention.

“Didn’t the police find that man?”,Viz asked.

“Nope..the police tried their level best, but in vain..”

“Does anyone here have an idea to what really happened that night?”,I ask out of curiosity.

“Nope.”, Satish sighed..

“Does anyone of that time still lives in this village now?”,I asked him.

“I don’t know actually..”

“..then tell me who is the eldest person living here?”

“There is one old man..Mr.Raghav,who is the eldest person here..but he rarely comes to his house here..”, Satish replied.

“Why?”,we three ask in unison.

“He is suffering from some old age he often visits a hospital in”

“You know his house Madhav?”,I look towards him.


“Let’s go then!”,I exlaim enthusiastically.

We thanked Satish for his useful piece of info and headed towards Mr.Raghav’s house which was at the outskirts of the village.

In ten minutes, we reach the spot.

We saw an old house standing there. The house was designed the normal traditional way. Coconut and Banana trees were planted around the house.


We enter the verandah, looking out for anyone, but the place was eerily vacant.

Vishnu went ahead and knocked the door.


He tried once again, but to no avail.

“Maybe he might have went to his Doctor..Let’s try some days later.”, I suggested.

They agreed to my point and we turned to leave.

That’s when the door opened out loud.

Mr.Raghav stood there, his eyes red in anger.

His hands were shivering.




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