Darkness everywhere.
Where are the other two guys?

Where am I?

“Madhav! Vishnu!”,I shout out, only to get my echo as a reply.
I was alone.

Suddenly the surroundings turn foggy.
I spotted four red blinking lights at a distance.
Two of them were at a height and the other two were a bit lower.

Devil Eyes?

Slowly,they came towards me.
I didn’t move.

And when they were about a feet apart,suddenly the blinking stopped.
They get brighter and at the next instant,they disappeared.

An eerie sense of horror prevailed over me.

What were those lights actually?

At the same spot where the lights disappeared,there arose 2 burning bluish balls of….something like fire.

The spirits!

It was spooky enough to scare the hell out of me.
I started running in the opposite direction. But it seemed that the darkness would never end. Exhausted,I give up and fall on the floor.

The two spirits started yelling:
“Where were you running boy? You know you can’t escape out of here! This is OUR house.”

“And yes,how dare you enter our house without our permission!? We warned you so many times. But you didn’t budge. So it’s time to teach you a lesson..a lesson how not to mess with spirits..but for that you have to be a spirit right?”

“If one of the three idiots are eliminated then the other two will automatically back out! ”

And then they started their hysterical laugh all over again,much to my discomfort.

They were about to pounce on me when suddenly,we hear gunshots!
The greenish alien kind of creature that we had first seen at this very  house!

This time with a shot gun!

The spirits suddenly disappears and the creature runs after me!
I start running too..
But it was too fast for me.
A strong tackle from the creature grounded me down instantly.

Without much dialoguebaazi as such,it aimed its shotgun towards me.

Death seemed inevitable.

The next moment it aimed at my head and..


Water all over my face!

I meekly open my eyes.
Bright light welcomed me.
My head hurt like hell.

A bloody nightmare?

I was on the sofa in the living room at Madhav’s place.
My entire family stood around me.
A pang of relief ran across their faces as I opened my eyes after..

What’s the time!?

I look around in a tizzy.
The clock flashed: 09:12 pm

I was unconscious for more than 1½ hours?!

I was about to speak something when Viz silenced me.
The family members spoke out things like: Eat on time,eat healthy,play less under sun, have ample rest,etc.
I silently nod, acknowledging their words.

In some minutes,we leave for our adda, the first floor bedroom.

“What’s going on here! Explain you two! ”,I tried my level best to shout, but failed to do so.
My head still hurt from that awful attack.

“We made out an excuse that while running back to retrieve the bat,you fainted and fell down ”,Madhav explained the whole scenario in a single sentence.

“Clever! ”,I smirk.

“But the real question is how did you actually faint? ”,Viz asked.

“There was someone behind me! A strong blow on my head did the necessary. ”

“But there aren’t any marks there..neither there seems any clot.. But yeah, a little bit down and it would have been on the medulla oblongata part and it would have been fatal. Most of the cases it results in an instantaneous death. You’re lucky.”,Madhav spoke like an expert in this field.

“Your luck will be tested from now on my boy..for you have invoked the know that..”
,Mr. Raghav’s words ringed in my ears again.

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