This is my favourite part in the entire book,because there are many many people behind the completion of the book and I would like to thank each one of them from the bottom of my heart.After all,this book would have been impossible without them.

First of all,i would like to thank my parents for their blessings and their temper for letting me type this in between studies everytime!
I promise I’ll make you proud one day.

My cousin brothers  Madhav,Vishnu on whom this book is based on.
My lovely cousin sister Gayathri who is the most excited person about this book.

My writer-singer-photographer-University topper friend
Abhishek Pandey for his support and words of advice!

Aditya Shetty who first heard the story,your wish of me making a movie (since he is too lazy to read) will take some time.
You’ve to wait! Budget issues you know.  :p

Aathira Gopalan , Rohit Nair and Abhilash bro for their constructive criticism and full on support. Thanks a lot!

Akhila Sathyan,Anilkumar Yadav,SwethaNair, Dakshinamoorthy,Yogesh Nadar,Bhavya Jaiswal,Revathi Reddy,Abhiyank Amrute,Mithai Di,Priyanka Omprakash,Varun Vinod Salian,Tanya Bhutani,Aravind Acharya,Omkar Shinde,Vineet Nagarhalli,Rajeena Rahim,Sooraj Nair,Dhanashree Shelke for their unconditional support. Thanks for being a part of the wonderful journey!

Maitri Thakkar,you know the entire book is dedicated to YOU.No need to say anything more.

Shreya Nipanikar,thanks for being such a lovely friend and making me calm whenever I go berserk and tensed about the book.

Prenav Premkumar, Sandeep Menon.Thanks for pointing out my grammatical errors every time.I hope I’m improving!

Last but not the least: the PIIT F Paltan,H division guys ,SE COMPS B colleagues,WEES’ schoolmates and Team Alacrix for their support and letting me disturb them with my over the top aggressive blog promotions! Thanks!

Sorry in case I missed anyone’s name by mistake. Please forgive my memory.


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