Ashok pressed the trigger pointing towards me.

But nothing happened to me.

“What the..!!”,Raghav squealed in pain, holding his injured shoulder.

But how did Raghav get the bullet?!

My eyes widened in happiness as I saw a huge troop of policemen led by Mama behind me.

The arrows and stones used by the tribals were no match to the advanced machine guns and pistols these policemen  possessed.

“This can’t be!”,Ashok screamed in anger and disbelief.

The tribals who were holding us tight were confused and startled at the sudden intrusion of the policemen.

Taking advantage of this,we pushed them away and ran as fast as possible.
Before fleeing away, I managed to slap that tribal who had held me for long.
“Take this gift in return!”

But we had to crouch low and run, or else we would be the target of those arrows and bullets.

We managed to hide behind the huge banyan tree and watch the proceedings.

“Those weapons are so heavy, or else we could have tried a hand”,Viz said in a dismal voice.

“The battle between Ashok’s tribals and Mama’s policemen shouldn’t last more than 10 minutes…”,I said.

But what I saw next proved my statement false.

Ashok blew a conch shell and that immediately resulted in a small battalion of 50 odd armed tribals coming out of nowhere and above that,they were equipped with AK-47’s!

“Maybe these people kept a bit of the smuggled weapons here for safety”,Madhav pointed out the obvious.

“They have the upper hand now! Dad’s troops won’t be able to sustain for long.What next?! ”,Viz asked,his voice breaking.

I was lost in thoughts, confused what to do next.
At a distance, where there were some tribal settlements,I spotted a boy of around 6-7 years of crying his heart out. His mother who tried controlling her son was weeping uncontrollably.

They might have lost the man of their house.

Things are just getting worse.

Due to Ashok,the tribals are suffering too..

Something must be done.

That was when Ashok blew another conch shell, louder than the previous one.


“We need more people Viz! Let’s get back to the police station and inform them! ”,I suggested.

“Don’t be so foolish Sooraj…we’ll will waste a lot of time doing that.. And by then this battle would be over! Why don’t you just call the police station.?”,Madhav advised.

“Take this and call by yourself.”,I threw my mobile phone towards him and walked away.

“ network!
Where’s he?
Oye wait! We too are coming!”

When we reached the end of their camp and were about to start our downwards journey,we spotted around 20 well built guys climbing up the hill. They had heavily packed bags on their back which added to their difficulty.

Raghav’s men from the house!

“Guys..we need to stop them..or over!”

Madhav pointed out the huge boulders that the tribals kept at the boundary of their camp.

“They might have kept these so that whenever they spot someone coming up they can just push them down.The rest will be taken care of by these lovely boulders.”,Madhav winked.

One by one, we bought the boulders close to the boundary.
After placing the boulder precisely on the track of the way those men were climbing,we pushed them down.

They were crushed by the gigantic boulders.

We had a close look at their bag and discovered some hi tech weapons in them. Moreover, they weren’t heavy either.


I and Madhav went ahead with some weapons while Viz decided that he’ll bring up the remaining bags and hand over the weapons to the policemen.

“Time for some real CounterStrike!”,Madhav yelled in excitement.

“Yeah! Just aim below their knee. Injure them. No one should be killed.That’s our aim.”

“Aye Aye Captain!”

Taking our position behind the huge banyan tree,we started our mission.
Most of Mama’s policemen were down.
Mama and a few were still fighting bravely, without even thinking about their lives.
Raghav was nowhere to be seen.
Ashok on the other hand was hiding behind his house and firing his machine gun.

I had managed one hand grenade from one of those bags that Raghav’s men carried.
“Do the honours Maddy!”, I hand over the grenade to him.

And the next moment,Ashok’s huge hut was blown off!


Everything came to standstill.
The firing from both the parties stopped.
Mama looked back and spotted both of us smiling.
He smiled back.
A smile of victory.

The tribals were unsure whether to continue the onslaught or not.
Finally after some resistance,they gave up.

Mama came and hugged us.
“Great work my boys. Great work.
Proud of you guys…by the way,where’s my son?”

“Viz is climbing up with bags full of weapons that we managed to snatch from Raghav’s men..but I think that’s not required any more.
Madhav can you go and ask Viz to stop that?”

“Ya..I’ll..but Mama,tell us first how you came here first of all? Did Arjun and guys inform you?”,Madhav asked out of curiosity.

“Yes my boy. They informed us.
They too wanted to join us here but we didn’t allow them since the situation here will be dangerous. And not only that,I already had a whiff of what’s brewing between you boys. From the last 2 weeks or so,you three were behaving awkwardly. One day I eavesdropped on your conversation and got to know what you are up to. I asked your sis Gayathri about this and she confirmed my guess.”

“You eavesdropped our conversation!? Cheating! Cheating!”,Madhav was back to child mode.

“Now stop this and call back Viz! I’m feeling bad for him since he wasn’t part of the action that just unfolded ”,I push Madhav playfully to go and call back Viz.

“Aye Aye Captain! ”

I and Mama proceeded towards Ashok’s hut that now lay charred.

Is Ashok alive? Or is he dead?
If he is alive then we can bust his entire racket by retrieving information from him.

But to our dismay Ashok succumbed to his wounds.

“Dammit! We shouldn’t have thrown that grenade! Big mistake! He could have provided us important information.”,I kick the ground in anger.

“Point. We could have.. But that was the only way to win this battle my boy.. You guys did the correct thing by using the grenade. ”,Mama comforted me.

But I wasn’t happy.

The entire circle must be destroyed!

Wait a second..

Where’s Raghav!?

Mama understood what’s going on in my mind.
“Block all the camp exit points. That thug shouldn’t escape ”, he ordered his men.

That’s when we hear another gun shot.

Below the camp!

We rushed to the boundary to see Viz with a pistol.

”Raghav!”,I shout in joy.

I just hope that Viz didn’t send him directly to hell.

Luckily, he didn’t.
He had shot below his knee.

Raghav clenched his teeth wincing in pain. Or anger perhaps. Whatever.

We managed to catch this big fish alive and that was great.

That’s all what I needed.
More bones will tumble out of the box now.

We hugged each other.


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