“He understood at once that I had a keen interest in his field of operation and tested my knowledge regarding previous wars and terror attacks on India,to which I easily answered, all thanks to my uncle’s company. After answering his questions with elan he promptly asked me to go out so that he can talk about me with uncle. I was in,that was for sure. Moments later,he came out and hugged me tight.

“So Mujahideen, you ready?”

Those words sent down a tickling sensation down my spine. Junaid would no longer be the same guy that people knew till now. The time to change has come. The time to pay back!

And then,for the next 3-4 years,I spent my spare time in front of videos which trained me mentally how to be like a terrorist. On weekends I went to specialized classes where we were taught things in more detail.
Regular tests were conducted. My hatred against your nation was so strong that I used to top them all.

It was the year 2017 when things finally settled down. The Iraq war ended and ICIS (Islamic Caliphate of Iraq and Syria) was decimated by the US. They were defeated so badly that their entire organization was almost wiped out in the drone attacks. The superpower nation even violated the law by using biological weapons in the process. That made the loss even more gory.

But ICIS weren’t so weak as they expected them to be. They were so determined and resolute in their belief that they didn’t back out so easily.

They instead asked help from their counterpart terrorist group LeM (Lashkar-e-Mujahideen) for help.
LeM where at the helm of almost of all activities in and around India and were pretty active too. Their main advantage was their mastermind members who had planned and co-ordinated many lethal bombings, the 26/11 attacks being their highlight. But in the previous few years since they had lost many allies, the timing of ICIS’s help was perfect. Also LeM knew about ICIS’s might and the havoc they wreaked in the previous decade.”

“..and then Jihaad-e-Mujahideen was formed.”,I concluded his points.

“Yes. And since ICIS were down on manpower,they began a mass recruitment programme. And I didn’t let go off this golden opportunity. I became a part of JeM.”

“Where and how were you selected? ”,Adi enquired.

“I didn’t get my orange juice dude!”,he smirked.

We three looked at each other and it was decided ‘unanimously’
that Abhi should go to the store.

It was already past six and my stomach had already started making those weird noises reminding me to chomp on something.

“Bring some snacks too this card.”,I offered him my credit card.

“No thanks Mr.Loser”,he smiled and flashed an ‘L’ symbol with his index finger and thumb before banging the door.

“What job are you doing? ”,Junaid asked me a question for a change.

“I’m a Computer Engineer at TCS.”,I replied promptly.

“Oh! I see..good good..”,he flashed his evil smile again.

“Now what was that grin for?”,I asked, feeling uneasy.

“Nothing..just reminded me of a fact.”


“Most of the terrorists are engineers,especially Computer and Electrical ones.”

As a matter of fact,I knew this already since I had read about this in a local newspaper some months ago. I couldn’t believe it that day. Now, it’s proved.

Abhi returned few moments later with some packets of biscuits and ‘the’ orange juice without which our catch couldn’t survive.

Abhi tried offering him a few biscuits but he refused bluntly.

“I’m not interested in getting unconscious again.”,he smiled.

“Fine then!”,I took his part of biscuits from Abhi.

Adi went ahead and made Junaid sip the orange juice (which I was sure was more water than juice.)

“Now that you have got your damn orange juice, answer my question!”,Adi brought back the topic.

“I don’t remember the question.”,he laughed.

“Where and how were you selected?”,I repeated.

But he went on laughing. His hysterical weird laugh made us uneasy. It seemed as if he was high on dope.

“It would be better if you stop behaving like those yesteryear Bollywood villains and answer to our questions Junaid. It would be better for us and you as well.”,I took out the bat once again.

At once, the room was back to silence. Junaid understood my words and intentions easily.

“Well interview was quite simple. Mama eased my load. If you already have connections with the main people,it always becomes easy. Everywhere.”

“And the training part?”,Adi asked him again.

“Those Mujahideens who are selected for Kashmir attacks undergo training at Muzaffarabad whereas the rest of the troop are sent to Lahore.”

“and..tell me..”

“Enough for the day man! Take it easy!”,he cut me short.

“How can we take it easy you GPS enabled idiot? Your leader will easily get suspicious seeing your location. It’s common sense that people like you don’t settle much.
”,Abhi put forward his logic.

“Nah. You’re a bit wrong there. That’s suicide bombers. For warriors who are on a long mission, they live under cover with a new identity. I work as a waiter at a local restaurant at Ghatkopar with Sultan as an alias. Checkmate.”,he laughed again.

“Noobs!”,he mocked us and started his villainous laugh again.

His weird laugh was getting on my nerves. Agitated,I went ahead and rose the bat and was about to smash him hard.

“NO!”,he yelled in fear.

But, Adi stopped me at the perfect time.

I was still shaking in anger when Mom called me. After taking some moments to cool down,I received her call. It had been two days since I had visited home and her call was expected.

“Ya Maa..I’m coming..on the a bit late today..”

Abhi too decided to join me.

“Take care of this bastard Adi. Don’t give him dinner. He shouldn’t get unconscious right? ”,I pointed towards Junaid.

“Yeah..sure.. ”,Adi signalled a thumbs up.

“..and when will you leave me? Remember your promise? ”,Junaid looked towards me, hoping for a positive response.

“Soon. Very soon.”

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