“Study leave.”

Well well! Posting something on the blog after a long gap of 3 weeks! Sincere apologies from my side (in case you missed my posts). Was stuck in some work,viz. submissions and the not so cool practical exams plus viva. And since now the monkey is off my back,I’m back to where I belong!

The thing is that I’m completely off my reading and writing activity thanks to my stupid schedule and the first season of “The Flash” to which I apparently got addicted like hell. And now,when everyone are busy enjoying their summer vacay,we head towards our not much awaited semester exams. So,the next chapter of Deceptive Truths have to wait. Or maybe not. 😉

To be frank,I don’t have any idea what I’m currently writing about. I always believed in ‘write to express’,not ‘write to impress’.

(Okay fine,I’m lying about the second part.)

Since the semester exams are a grand affair, we too get a ‘study’ leave of around 15 days to prepare “effectively” for them. But the number of students who actually study during the study leave?

NULL. (few geeks excluded.)

The study leave must actually be renamed to ‘creativity break’.

The rough tough hectic schedule full of assignments, experiments and stuff like take a drubbing on the real interests you possess,be it gaming,writing,soccer,sleeping et al.

Then comes this heaven of 15 days where you can seek revenge for all the crap you have been through.

The ‘study’ leave.

Indulging in activities you’ve been missing till now is one important thing that we tend to do during our vacay. And for me,its catching some much needed sleeeep!

Here’s how my study leave shaped up till now:

Day 01,April 28: Mulgaon Trip

Since my practical exams ended the day before, it was time for some much needed break! Woohoo!
My friends Abhishek, Aditya,Kaustubh,Pratik and Sooraj (not me), had been planning on the venue since a week and finally a day before,it was decided. Mulgaon.

Mulgaon is basically a rural village, located near Badlapur. The entire journey was through desolate roads outlined by dry shrubs and often by few hills and houses. The heat wave made things worse. But road trips are never boring. They always bring a smile on your face,no matter what. After a far fetched journey, the end point was a dhabha located in the middle of no where. The place is famous for the lip smacking MisalPav they provide.


The return journey was more interesting. We stopped at a few places, a small lake being one of them.


The Barvi Dam could have been another stop, but since the entry is restricted, we moved on.


Sooraj (not me,again) still says how he and his gang had managed to sneak in there a few months ago and how the officials had drove them out.

Later, we paid a visit to Sooraj and Kaustubh’s respective homes at Badlapur, where we enjoyed a lot.(I still remember how fast was the WiFi at Sooraj’s home :p ).


But the icing on the cake was the Badlapur-Panvel highway ride.
Since the highway is under construction, the road was entirely blank. Straight road. No obstacles.
You can imagine the speed with which we rode. No comments on that one.

But it didn’t last long.
We were back to 20kmph after we saw a live accident in front of us.
Apparently, a guy in his mid twenties was on his bike. He was coming from the opposite direction. But I don’t know why,all of a sudden he stood up on his seat and tried balancing himself. And the next moment, he lost control and crasshhh!

His bike rolled on one side of the road,him on the other.
Maybe his practice for India’s Got Talent didn’t go well as planned.
I hope he recovers well soon and may he realise how valuable life is.

So that was Day 01 of my ‘study’ break. In stark contrast with Day 02.


Day 02,April 29: A day for some rest.

Since it was all journey and fun the previous day,it was unanimously decided that Day 02 will be reserved for rest and sleep.

The day started at 11am. No surprise as such. After forcefully getting up from my bed and having breakfast,I take my phone and check out my loyal neighbours WiFi. His private exams for BCom. have been going on and he had kept it off since a week,much to my displeasure. It was unexpected since he never took studies seriously and this sudden move surprised me fully. But I felt something’s amiss. But I didn’t think much since he is technically very dumb and wouldn’t do much.

The rest of the day was spent at my friends grocery shop where I edited out some grammatical errors from the recent chapters of ‘Deceptive Truths’ on his laptop. Believe me, typing on phone when compared to laptop is a pain in the umm… fingers!

Meanwhile, my neighbour returned from exams and still his WiFi wasn’t on. Damn. I had been waiting since a week for this day. Something’s fishy. The WiBr app had been reporting me of a hidden network since the day his exams started. But he won’t do that stuff. He isn’t technically sound. And above that,he’s lazy!
No he won’t.

In middle of this dilemma and checking out the response on my recently uploaded photo on Facebook,Day02 ended.


Day03,April 30:
Me: Studying starts today.

The day began early as usual.
10am to be precise.

I search stuff on the internet regarding hiding WiFi SSIDs and how to know about them. I learn about things like ‘MAC filtering and DHCP’ which can be used to hide WiFi networks.


I went home and checked out the mentioned technique and woila!
This guy was one step ahead of me the whole time.
That enraged me,plus it all felt a bit comical.

But I decided,I won’t ask him about this. I will crack into his network and be smart. I knew this would usurp a lot of time,energy and will test my patience levels with the limited amount of resources I possess (no rooted phone, no PC), but still,I decided to give it a try.

I start off with a subject that evening,only to find me scrambling for my phone now and then, trying new passwords and random PIN matching apps which actually require root access. Rooting my phone for a password is illogical. But you can unroot it too. Damn. Why is life so confusing? :p

Cutting down the boring painful details, my hands evaded the books which were craving for my attention and instead flirted with my phone as expected.

Day03 ended with a head ache on how I will proceed in this daunting task.

Day04,May1: New month,new beginnings.

A smile escapes my face as I type the above statement. The exam month has arrived and I haven’t even started my studies. That made me nervous.

The day starts ‘early’ again.
You can easily guess the time now.
No need for specifying it.

I train my mind to ignore the WiFi related thing and focus on studies.
And guess what? It worked, for 20 odd minutes though and my irritating habit to check my over smart phone was back. Some music and I start staring my book filled with boring long codes.

Time flew once again.
Evening was reserved for The Maharashtra Derby between Mumbai and out of form Pune led by Captain Cool MSD. And as expected, Pune maintained their record of losing all their 4 home matches. When you have chase master Rohit Sharma with you, losing is never an option.

As the day ends, I feel guilty again.
Where has all the seriousness gone? Has the hottest summer in decades evaporated it all? The harsh summer reminds me of those affected by the drought at Latur and the neighbouring areas. I feel lucky not being one of them. But then I realise that I’m trying badly to steer away from the main topic.

I smile half-heartedly and decide that tomorrow will be the day.

Day 05,Today:

By 12pm, I give my strained relationship with books another shot. It all starts well but then I take my phone to check the previous year question papers.

Half an hour later, I find myself typing this unapologetically.

My Mom who never fails to remind me million times a day about the impending exams,look at me typing furiously only to ask:
“Back to story writing eh? You have just 10 days and you..”

“No..no.. this isn’t a story ”,I smile and interrupt her from saying anything further.

As I end this loooong article of mine, I feel good that I’m back to my blog,at the same time awry of the fact that I have already spent much time on my smartphone.

The huge intimidating book in front of me asks me to get back to analysing algorithms.


“After lunch perhaps ”,I reply in my head. With a limited amount of foresight which I’m blessed with, I already know how the day will end.

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