Yes! Finally! A blog post from me after eons!

Finally, I got my own laptop!

Finally, I got my own Wi-Fi! (Neighbour triggered).


The last two days where the most exciting ones in my life.

After surviving 20 years on this planet, trying to code badly on my Android device, writing my stories and blog posts on them, now, finally, I got my own laptop. And this is my first blog post which is entirely typed on my laptop at home, instead on my phone while travelling in crowded trains where it is even difficult to breathe.

I would like to sincerely thank the overload of projects, assignments, experiments, presentations and reports to be submitted at college after this short break of 10 days, that accelerated the process of me getting a laptop! I didn’t want to decelerate my project group’s pace. Hence the perfect timing.


Getting a laptop at this juncture does mean a lot.

Now, I can code all my experiments here, learn new applications, and… most importantly it just means that I can now upload my stories more often.

So now, you (in case you’re my reader) can expect more often updates of Deceptive Truths, which has been lagging behind a lot lately.


I had planned 4 posts in July.

Posted just 1.


Didn’t plan the number of posts in August.

Managed to post just 1 mediocre update.


The very reason being that all of a sudden, life has become too hectic. From 8am to 8pm, I’m out of my home, thanks to college and travelling. That just leaves me with a few hours

before sleep, which is mostly used for the assignments stuff. (which have become too much a load on this meagre soul)

My submissions are getting late very often. (Since I’ve stopped burning the midnight oil like before.)

The chances of this happening is equivalent to Salman Khan not releasing his movies on Eid and not giving a 200cr. Blockbuster. Sigh!


Slowly, my interest in Pokémon Go! has also waned. My legs can’t take it anymore. Plus, I’ve no time left to go out and walk like a maniac. So, the only time I play it is when I’m travelling in auto/bus. (Can’t play in train. Speed limit. Superb network.)


Train travel usually meant typing down chapters and blogs. But now, I just sleep. If I don’t, conversing with friends and listening music are the other alternatives. I just don’t prefer to write when I’m surrounded by friends. Can’t focus.


Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi connection was set up yesterday.




I asked my neighbour politely to share his password (if and only if he wants to; no pressure as such.)

He didn’t even reply properly.

A no would have been better.

A few days later, I realised a few other (dumb) neighbourhood guys pay him 200 bucks a month to access his Wi-Fi which he only activates a few hours a day.

Hence, it is only logical that he didn’t give me his password.


I’m skipping that part where I painstakingly tried some 500 odd most probable passwords, but to no avail.

Finally, by using some cheap simbil tricks, I retrieved the password.

(Note: No hacking.)


My neighbour changed his password after his suspicion of me using his net free of cost hit the top. All thanks to my stupid friend to whom I had shared the password. He just used to sit in front of his home and use YouTube.

He realised that the only way I can retrieve the password is from the guys who pay him.

A few minutes on their phone sets is all I require.


“I know that the number of devices connected is 5, which I’ve approved. If I notice one more device connected to my Wi-Fi, I’ll smash your head.”


These were the exact high pitched anger filled wordings that neighbour told to the paying guy. (HIGH PITCHED SO THAT I CAN HEAR IT AS WELL.)



I get access to another Wi-Fi, albeit a bit far from house.

(Takes approximately 10 seconds to reach there!)




The Internet Service Provider came to set up all the wiring.

That’s when this neighbour comes back from his work. (He’s just a year older to me.)

That gem of a timing!


He just kicked the wire that was in front of my house, as he walked. The moment he realised it was an internet connection to mine, his face fell. (literally)

The fact that I opted for the same Internet plan, that too from the same provider as his, added to his injury.


He realises that I bought a laptop and that infuriates him even further. He had been planning to buy one since a few months. But I bought it first.


In short, the main problem of my locality is that people buy things for show off and claim that they’re quite wealthier than others.


Take the case of another bunch of neighbours near me.

One bought an A.C

The next week, the other guy too bought one.


The first guy bought a P.C.

Two weeks later, the other guy brings a second hand almost dead P.C.

The only thing differs is the first guy bought his P.C. to maintain and manage his Dad’s company and his own online venture. The second guy just uses it to play Dave and watch YouTube.


The same applies to education.

I went to a particular tutorial, scored good marks as usual.

They joined too, only to fall from their heavy mountain of expectations that they had.


Anyways, it would be better if I stop roasting my neighbours.

I’m already low on time.


“A book may be compared to your neighbour: if it be good it cannot last too long; if bad, you cannot get rid of it too early.”

-Henry Brooke

So that’s it for now.

I have to go back to coding my website.


Stay tuned for a update on Deceptive Truths, today evening.


Have a nice day ahead guys!

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