Yes, now you’ll think: “Ya..here he is, back again, with another normal blog post, instead of focussing on completing DECEPTIVE TRUTHS, which have been on the backburner since the last three months.

Three posts in three months isn’t an encouraging sign for the plot.

I know it stagnates and when I post a solitary chapter after eons, it becomes difficult for the reader to recollect the previous happenings.

Agreed, but the way college projects squeezed out my life in the past few weeks is pretty interesting at the same time painful. It all started the day I got my new laptop. So engrossed I was in doing the project work (and checking out the laptop’s features, not to mention), that I rarely even wrote assignments. Special thanks to the 4 mini projects and the all-in-one MAHA PROJECT codenamed “PBL”, incorrectly named as PROJECT BASED LEARNING.


Ok fine, I’ll stop being rude and give PBL a chance for justification.


These are the following things that I learned during PBL:

  • Effective use of Google by finding out the perfect code (in such a way that other groups should not get the same one) for the chat application to be submitted. (NOT OUR FAULT THAT THE PROJECT’S MAIN LIFELINE WAS SOCKET PROGRAMMING WHICH WE HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT.)


  • Time management, by learning how to sleep just 3 hours a day and doze off in train the next morning to college.


  • How to efficiently ….. I feel that’s enough said. You might have got the point by now.


And finally, today the monkey got off my back!

Such a relief.

The very mention of things like Presentations and reports make me sick now.

But I’m pretty lucky to have good responsible team members who made it easier for me.


But, as I type this now on my laptop, (My Dad looking furiously at my rapid typing speed), I get

reminded that it’s just the beginning of things to come.

Tomorrow, we have the final Group Discussion. I have no idea what the topic could be. The only

thing I could do is pray for a pretty relevant topic that I can mumble a few things about.


Well, another weird thing is that I had started writing the next chapter of Deceptive Truths (Ya,

I managed not to sleep that day in train), but I didn’t continue it the next day. First time such a thing

has happened till date. I always manage to complete a chapter within three days flat, but things

have changed now.


Even my friends who don’t even read my content ask me:

“Kya hogaya SRJ? Aajkal no posts? Can’t see any promotion links anywhere..”

Even they’re pretty puzzled as me.


Another thing that I don’t get is wattpad’s freaky algorithm that ranks books based on their reads and activity per genre.

One day, it shows THE HAUNTED HOUSE MYSTERY at 30th rank in HORROR, the other day it shows up at 760 something, only to be restored back to the normal 20’s in a couple of days. Wattpad! You’re drunk!


Anyways, I’m pretty satisfied and shocked at the response the book has received since the day I published it on wattpad.(42479 reads as I write this!). I’m still confused why it got such a tremendous response, even when the plot seemed clichéd at parts. Well, some questions are better unanswered!





I’m confident that if I keep on typing in my thoughts, I’ll surely spill the news that I have stopped playing Pokemon Go! and that I was pissed at Niantic for such a stupid game update that blocked rooted phone users from playing. Great job Niantic! You lost 80% of your usual players, thanks to the bugs, less frequent updates and the imbalance in the entire game regarding the battles and retaining the Pokemon’s characteristics from the original T.V. series and now…you just self destroyed the base that you had created. Well, I was so sad that day that I had decided to write an open letter to Niantic on my blog. BUT TIME HAD SOME OTHER PLANS.


September is about to end and its that time of the year again..

The next month is gonna be too too epic.

So epic that..we have:








and much more.






A dark cloud looms over me

threatening to break loose

A little sun ray tries to peek by

Only to be engulfed by the rain.



That’s it for now! Lot of things in the platter already!

Hoping you guys have a great week ahead!




PS: Pretty excited about a horde of new novels releasing soon!
Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Datta are the few reasons why life seems interesting nowadays.

(Won’t mention the other reasons. Sorry. 😛 )

17 thoughts on “HAPPINESS? LOL!

    1. Thank you Mithai Di! Did miss you during this struggle though! :p

      Meanwhile, my college decided to conduct prelim exams.
      And I’m bored giving this exams one after d other 😦

      Unit test ends
      Prelims starts
      Prelim ends
      Submissions start
      Submissions end
      Vivas start…

      U got the flow ryt? 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I missed you too Sooraj!! It was a struggle for me too prepping for the crazy interviews!😰
        Did I get that?? I freaking lived that😝😝 Still going through it…..but then probably got ‘used’ to it👍
        But as I said no one gives a damn about your marks. The topper of ECE dept didn’t get a job…..so just concentrate on practical things, don’t mug up…..get the concepts and have FUN!!👍😎

        Liked by 1 person

        1. The pressure to get a job via placement is too high (especially when you’re the only kid in ur family) . Sometimes i feel like scoring above 80% till my 12th was a cruel mistake i did :p all d expectations n stuff. Creepy.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Even I felt that. The exact same thing, being the only kid and above 80%…..but some of the good companies don’t allow you unless you have 80% or above. Atleast minimum 75% ☺ So the effort wasn’t really in vain…..a lot of good students can’t sit for a lot of companies coz they had less marks in 10 & 12!!

            Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha 3rd year is the toughest!! Literally drives you crazy😨 4th year is comparatively more relaxing….. atleast I’m chilling at home😛 But then you are an Engineer!! You can even overcome a tsunami😉 The subjects you have this year are actually important. Start preparing for the interviews now, its gonna be much more easier during ‘The Day’☺

        Liked by 1 person

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