The Procrastinated Post :(


An over packed local train compartment

People hooked on to their smartphones enjoying a newly released pirated movie or playing those addictive yet stupid games like a pro.

Some of them deep in sleep after burning the midnight oil, trying to meet the deadlines imposed on them.

A few students who are engrossed in their books trying hard not to be distracted.

And then there are others (like the person behind me) who think that peeping in to other’s smartphones, and reading what they type isn’t an invasion of privacy.

The great monotony is back.

But yet there’s something very different about today. I can’t exactly say what, but I feel better.
It might be the fact that now half of the commuters have now got off to their destination..or it might be the fact that the entire compartment is decorated with colourful festoons due to the just concluded Dussehra. Or….

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything. (Deceptive Truths readers triggered!) All I’ve been posting is about my busy schedule and other quirky random things that happen in my life.

As I try to suppress my yawn and start typing this, I’m gifted a seat.
My friends seated besides me are busy in destroying each other, playing mini militia, even though they are en route to an exam. That explains everything.

And exactly two days after, I’m typing this.
Yes, you’re reading this right.
And as I always say, I’m never comfortable when it comes to write, surrounded by friends. It makes me conscious and nervous to a certain extent.
Although I didn’t type down anything in the previous two days, I had fixed most of the points that I HAVE to jot down in this post.

I manage to squeeze in and snatch a seat.

No friends around.
Not much people sneaking into my uninteresting phone.
Perfect time to write.

And as the train was about to start, there comes my friend who I know since Sem1. I had a certain inkling that I’ll meet him since this is the exact compartment we used to board since Day1 of our stint in engineering.

I always prefer conversations over writing a blog / listening music / whatever else you can do in a train to kill time. 53 minutes.

It’s always good to know what’s happening in their life be it their new found happiness or be it a new trap they fell into and how they managed to handle those situations.

Maybe one day, I may get an idea for a new plot here! πŸ˜‰

Maybe some another day, my beloved blog post.

And another two days later:

05:30 am:
The alarm rings, bringing the nightly silence to a halt.
I decided it’s time to sleep. The entire night was spent on refurbushing the website project and the report that I had to submit today.
Although, I managed to complete it, all I was left with was some 45 odd minutes to give my eyes some respite.

I drink an extra cup of tea hoping it’ll help me avoid sleep and start running for the rickshaw stand.

The rickshaw stand bears an empty look. I’m pretty sure I won’t get my regular 08:04 Panvel train.

As usual, lady luck helps me out.
I get off the rickshaw and start running again.

4 minutes is all you’ve got Barry..err..SRJ!


With great speed, agility and reflexes I manage to sneak in to the train compartment just before time.

After 10 minutes of rugged breathing and happiness that I’ve managed to catch this train again, I’m offered a seat.

“Perfect time to complete the pending blog”, I thought.
As I start punching in the words riding on my mind, I feel giddy and tired. My body demanded sleep. But I can’t. Even the EDM songs couldn’t break my slumber. Instead, it added to my headache. I was brave enough to try the slow soothing tracks who I thought would make me more sleepy , but instead eased it out. I typed a bit. I have to. I have to be awake. I have a brand new laptop to take care of, afterall.

As I type this seven hours later on my way back to home, I’m half embroidered in sleep again. ( To such an extent that I was about to drop my phone twice while typing this.)


Playing football after college was a bad idea after all.

As I’m writing this my mind keeps on reminding: you’re straying away from the main topic. But my mind isn’t under my control presently.

Another two days later:

Yes. After all the project submissions and the not so necessary study camp, I’m gifted a 2 day holiday, after which we’ll face the prelims which will be conducted for the first time in the institute where I study.

Since 4th standard, my batch of classmates were nothing less than a troop of laboratory mouse. Be it experimenting with new syllabus every year or be it the introduction of JEE All India level entrance exams instead of the normal state board CET exams, we’ve come a long way- surviving somehow.

The very fact that I’ve been typing this since the past whole week and I’ve come nowhere close to the main topic irks me now.
A part of my mind asks me to write that afresh in a new blog, whereas a part asks me to continue it here itself.


The Operating Systems reference book in front of me doesn’t help either.


Shuts down the book
Turns on the Wi-Fi
Gets lost in the virtual world.


I’ve managed to finally jot down the required points for the next post (which was actually gonna be today’s post..but you know what happened..)
Also since prelims are just near, I guess it’s the perfect time to write. πŸ˜‚

So that’s all!
Have a nice day ahead!

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