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“You haven’t written in a long while, right?”, my mind questions me.

“It’s fine.”, I reply, trying hard to hide my guilt. Guilt for not being able to pen down (type down,to be more precise) my thoughts often.

“We’re all just stories in the end. Just make it a good one.”

Yes. All of us are stories. Our life, the experiences we have, all those moments- be it the happy ones or the sad ones, the decisions that we make and all other stuff that we do, defines us. It forms the backbone of our stories. After all, that’s the only thing that remains after we cease to exist.

All of us have that one person whose entry changed our lives forever. He/She is the pivotal role in our stories without which there’d be no ‘tadka’ in the plot. They might be the hero who saves us when we’re stuck, or they might be the villain who turns our lives in to a tragedy. But without them, our stories are incomplete.

And then there’s one turning point where our entire story gets topsy turvy! That one turning point that we’d never let go from our minds for the rest of our lives.

Although everyone is a story, not all stories are open to everyone to read. Some stories are hidden, deep inside the walls people create around themselves. They hope that one day, the worthy ones will climb over the wall and will join them in their good and tough times. Well, why build a wall my friend? Is it so because you think the world is a cheat? Is it because you’ve lost trust in people? Is it because you’re disappointed everytime you pin your expectations on someone? Or is it just because you don’t have time for ‘drama‘ as I put it forward in your own words?

“Expectations are the root of all evil and sadness.”, is an overused quote that I see as Whatsapp statuses and even Instagram bios!

If you expect something from someone, it just means that they’re worthy of it and that they’re an integral part of your life.
You don’t expect from any random person that you meet! You only expect from your close circle of friends and family and those people who really understands and cares for you.
So it’s okay if you expect. But expectations have to be realistic. You can’t expect your pet cat to bark. Keep unrealistic expectations from unreliable people and you’re bound to get disappointed and hurt.
But as we know, there are exceptions. Exceptions where everything is just perfect and fine, and yet the outcome is negative. They’re life lessons. Grab them. Analyse why and where you went wrong. And never repeat them. But that doesn’t mean building a wall around one self and hiding inside. Not everyone is the same.

It’s easy for anyone to say this.
Tough to execute.

But it’d be meaningless if you just give up on your first attempt. Read any autobiography and you’d understand this reference quite easily.

As I change my train, I’ve a look at what I just typed above and realise that it’s too preachy and out of topic. I manage to tame my mind and the backspace key from destroying them all.

On the other hand, Facebook Memories reminds me again and again about ‘Deceptive Truths’ – a story that has been delayed since months, thanks to exams and my unwillingness to destroy the plot by just focusing on ending it somehow.

Exactly a year ago, after my Semester 3 exams, I had started the series. And now, it’s stuck at Chapter 18, a few chapters away from the climax.

To be very frank, I haven’t even touched the story till now. Maybe it’s because all my ideas just collided at once as my exams finished.

I hope I just get back to the habit of writing and finish the story without compromising the core of the plot while hastening the process.

Meanwhile, we’re just around 45 days away from Alegria, our college fest and preparations have begun in full swing. I’m in the Epublicity department and I confess that I’m too much excited at the prospect of being a part of the committee and working on ideas regarding the fest.

Currently I’m working on a couple of ideas and I’m full time devoted towards its development. And it’s exciting and tiring at the same time.
I hope it’ll all be worth the efforts in the end. I’m confident it’ll be.

But one thing I’m sure of:
Alegria 2017 will be bigger and better than the previous years.

The fact that Nucleya and Lost Stories are headlining the DJ nights have already sent the students in a frenzy. And believe me, some major announcements are on your way.

Don’t miss a update:

The aftermovie of the 2016 fest which was uploaded a few days ago has been trending on 26th position on Youtube India speaks volumes about the hype surrounding the fest.


(I know you might be marvelling about the way I literally changed the track of ideas in this post.)

As I end this really short post, wishing you a Merry (demonetised) Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!

The mantra to being happy is quite simple.

“Just don’t do anything that your future self would regret.”

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