Finally, atleast one of my wishes from the bucket list (which I had posted some months ago) gets completed here – getting ‘The Lucky Ticket’  live on my blog from my wattpad account so that it gets more reach and more love!

Also, with this, here’s presenting the new cover poster for the book which I feel is pretty better than the original one!


The blog’s been inactive for a while, thanks to….Ok! I won’t brag about my schedule this time around. The next fiction tale is almost there.. the main thread being developed. So I thought it’d be great if the blog doesn’t stagnate till then. Also, since people have been facing ‘issues’ reading the story on wattpad..

So here we are:

From the author of

THE HAUNTED HOUSE MYSTERY and (on hold) DECEPTIVE TRUTHS, here’s his short Mystery Thriller-

               THE LUCKY TICKET!

The story of
connected by

Grab THE LUCKY TICKET here on my blog or on wattpad:

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