As I always say, my favourite part in the entire book. Acknowledgments.

Without much sentimental dialogues,I would like to start on my thanking spree.

Aditya Shetty, as always for listening the script and pointing out some huge errors on my side. I know you won’t even read this, but still, thanks a ton!

Abhishek Pandey, Rohit Nair and Aathira Gopalan for being my pillars of support.

Shreya Nipanikar for being such a good friend and always encouraging me to do better.

Sneha Kaimal, my most close and prized reader till date. Thank you for believing in me and my writing. Another special thanks for reading the first two chapters in advance and letting me know how you felt about the story. It did help me a lot in writing the next chapters.

Bhavya Jaiswal, one of my first readers,who still stands by my side. Thank you! Your support is priceless!

Rinkle Chheda, my promise to you of not stopping writing, 2 years ago seems to be working quite good!

Prenav Premkumar, Shivani ,Anilkumar Yadav, Abhiyank Amrute, Dakshinamoorthy, Raj Gangar, Ganesh Gupta, Madhav Prasad, Rajeena Rahim, Yogesh Nadar, Maitri Thakkar,Akhila Satyan,Sooraj Nair (Not Me) ,Pratik Deo and Vineet Nagarhalli for still supporting me in my endeavour.

And finally, heartfelt apologies and thanks to PIIT F PALTAN, PIIT H guys ,COMPS B friends, Alacrix the band and WEES’ classmates for resisting my over the top promotions till now!

Sorry in case I forgot to mention anyone’s name. Forgive my memory.


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