Farida’s postmortem didn’t reveal anything. Her death was a mystery that no one could solve.

The rest of the gang decided that they better leave their tickets. After all, what can be more awful than death?

They got their answers soon.
Gaurav and Navneet almost died in a freak car accident. Navneet succumbed to the injuries later but Gaurav didn’t. He survived the crash. But what’s the point of surviving when you are already dead inside?

Tanmay and Akshar who were the closest of friends, brutally murdered each other over a petty issue.

Their respective tickets travelled from one hand to other before they finally reached their respective unlucky owner,who were destined to die this way.

And what about Sahir? He left the company and left off without disclosing the location. No one knows where he is or whether he is even alive. But his ticket is still busy, finding its target. The unlucky one.


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