Back to writing after a sabbatical of 8 months! New stories and posts soon! Stay tuned!

ALEGRIA - The Festival Of Joy


Finally! I get some much needed time to write this. Well, this was planned to release well before – just a week after Alegria ended to be precise, but thanks to the unit tests and a horde of assignments and project stuff that came in my way that it went downhill to finally being published today. Anyways, better late than never right? 😉

This one is gonna be quite different from the previous 08 posts in the #TheAlegriaExperience blog series that you’ve read (or might have skipped) till now. No Question and Answer format because that’d mean answering my own questions. Instead, I’d prefer to go all out and speak out my heart and mind – of all the experiences and memories over the past two years I’ve been a part of team Alegria.

Also, I’m back to writing after a sabbatical of 8 months (yes, I’m a writer)…

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