I know. I know. I have been missing for centuries on this platform.

Today marks the 3rd year anniversary of me joining WordPress and it has been a wonderful journey so far. Lots of learning, self-realization and the community here is just awesome. So I thought this would be the perfect time to announce some stuff.

I have been busy completing my final few months of graduation – fully into assignments, experiments, placements, final year project, exams, and what not –  that I just couldn’t get the time to think of a plot clearly. I did create a story in December last year when I was enroute to Mumbai from my native – but I have some plans for it and it is currently in its nascent phase. Stay tuned for updates! 

January – February was all about Alegria and it’s promotion – and what an edition this had been. A full-on fab lineup and lots of memories. I launched my two Adobe Premiere Pro videos and it was well received. This helped me build my confidence and here I’m with my 3rd video!

This one is quite close to my heart because it’s all about me and my friends with whom I was with for the last 4 years!

We decided to discover the much-hyped and the pleasant Himachal Pradesh and I as a creator decided to make the most, and hence thought about making a video which everyone can look back to for memories and those special moments! That video is now live! Do check it out and lemme know your review!

The second thing is – I had planned a timeline for my blog for the coming few months of 2018. I don’t know how much of it I can convert into reality once I get my joining date at LTI.

There was this ‘something huge’ planned for a mid-June release, but the video did take up that time. Not a regret in any angle since I learned a lot of new things during this video project too. If it’s about learning something in the process – then it’s totally fine.

So that ‘something huge’ is now postponed to mid-July.  I’m too tempted to officially announce it now but things are currently in its development phase. So, I’d let you know as soon as things materialize! Till then, adios and lose yourself in some football drama!


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