Sooraj Nair:

I always say this at the end of every book – Acknowledgements is my favourite part. This is where I get all personal and frank, mentioning everyone who supported me to complete the book.

You can check the acknowledgements from ‘The Haunted House Mystery’ and ‘The Lucky Ticket’ and you’ll find one thing in common – I usually belt out a long list of people, thanking them for their support. This time it’d not be the case due to obvious reasons.

I hope my core set of readers to catch up with the story as soon as possible.

First and foremost I’d like to thank my co-author and best friend Abhishek Pandey who pitched this idea to me on the 6th of December 2017 08:49 pm. It was a pleasure to work with you, as always. Thanks for cooperating and pitching in your ideas although you’re on a job. Also, thanks for not overreacting when you see around 40 new messages from me as soon as you open WhatsApp in the morning every day. I hope we do more collabs in the future.

I’d also like to thank:

My parents for allowing me to sit till 4 in the morning every day to work on the script. I promise I’ll sleep on time from tonight.

Greeshma Valath and Yogesh Nadar for your reviews and positive comments on the posts. Means a lot!

Pratik Deo who is a ‘Flash’ fan and approved of the story as a ‘delightful’ time-travel story.

Hasnain Haider from Pakistan for providing me free cookies for Grammarly Premium. Without you, my posts would be ridden with silly grammar mistakes. Check out his website if you’re into reading tech-related stuff.

And finally, heartfelt apologies to everyone who were affected by my over the top promotions till now. You can mark yourself safe on Facebook.

TLDR: Thanks to everyone who has read the story. Your love and support keep me going.

Abhishek Pandey:

It’s always a bit of pressure writing an acknowledgement – funny how it makes authors adorable and popular amongst their friends and family- always gets us. So here it goes.

I’d like to start by thanking my co-author, Sooraj, without whom this story wouldn’t have been possible and would’ve still been just a vague idea. He has done this wonderful job of transcribing a rough idea and weaving it into this amazing story! You are the best macha!

Also, I won’t miss out acknowledging my parents for not interrupting my long routine of introspection while bathing.

Ah! The perfect place to weave stories and add impeccable twists.

Sujitha, your constant motivation and appreciation have always helped me and shown me the right direction!

Also a special mention for Basit for so diligently asking me the links for chapters every week! Thanks for the motivation, bro.

I’d also like to thank Kunika, Ankit, Kaustubh, Hussain and Rajesh for their support! You guys have always supported me!

Lastly, a big hug goes to all our readers who have been following our story. Your love is the only thing which gets us going!



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