Blog update | June 2019



Yes. Yes. I’m alive. Don’t act surprised now. You know the drill – my blog is generally dead for the first half of the year and it comes out alive once June arrives.

So, how was life in the last ‘few’ (6) months that I didn’t pen a single word here? Definitely not as bad as the final season of Game of Thrones.

I know I haven’t written anything over the course of these months and there’s a very specific reason for it. Corporate life gets you bad. It ducks up your schedule in such a way that you feel like a robot, stuck in a monotonous rut – doing the same things again and again, with added pressure and the constant reminder of deadlines every now and then.


I clearly remember in the last blog update (June 2018, just before kicking off season 2 of ‘the collab projekt’ with Project Chronos) I mentioned that I’m pretty unsure how this blog will turn up once I get my joining date at LIT; and it did go as expected.

My last story ‘The Unbroken Promise’ was posted 4 days before I joined – that too in a jiffy, very well knowing I might mostly not be active once the corporate life starts. The next two months – Oh God! I would definitely include those two months at training in one of the toughest and struggling phases of my life without any doubt.

I don’t know how much I can speak or tell my point of view about someone or something that they will avoid filing a defamation case against me, but I’ll cut slack and say it was a time period which I just survived by and somehow got over the line. Day in and day out the only thing that mattered to us is making the final cut and be permanent employees of the organization; not to be the ones who ‘sadly’ couldn’t make it. But when it all ended, the very thought that the ones who parted ways were actually ‘lucky’ made me doubt the very point of this entire journey we were about to take.

The only silver lining about those two months (except the fact that I got to know how it feels to be financially dependent) is that I finally got a taste of how life works. It tests you to the core. If you really want something/someone and you genuinely care from within the deepest corners of your heart, life will gift you what you deserve. (unless you are a fictional character in another tragic story of mine on this blog). Close friends of mine know what I’m talking about here. 😉

Coming back to the point – yes, corporate life is a different ball game when compared to our college days and it’s definitely going to be tough since the equation changes – you get paid for doing something. In college, it was the reverse. You pay for the education service and then bunk classes for fun. It was acceptable but now you can’t even think of it. (Earned leaves seem like a myth to many).

“Am I audible?”

“Let me share my screen.”

“Can you see my screen?”

“Oh sorry, I was on mute.”

“Can you drop me a mail regarding the same?”

These phrases are our sample set for a normal day at work.

Everyone keeps an eye on everyone. Your judging game becomes even stronger. No friends here mate, only colleagues.


Cons apart, here you get an understanding of how to get along the rat race that gets constantly mentioned when it comes to the lifestyle of the typical 9-5 job goers. If you intend to continue slogging for nine hours for some more years OR your entire life until you retire, these initial years teach you a lot.

Your carrom and table tennis skills get better over time. You learn how to exploit the free coffee vending machine for the first two days and then eventually stop being cheap. Your memory skills become sharp remembering all the proxy IP addresses to access sites blocked by your organization. You learn how to live with the same desktop “corporate values” wallpaper (yes, you heard me right). You learn to identify which rumour mill is true and which one is just spicing up things to make life interesting and notice how you always end up enjoying and believing the latter. Soon, you realise how your bonding and friendship with the canteen and the IT infra guy will matter the most over the years.

You learn how important it is to choose the correct words while speaking to someone. You learn how to efficiently showcase your skillset and impress someone with your words and get the job done. Minute details do matter when it comes to workflows and giving importance to that nitty gritty stuff becomes a priority and hence, you tend to become a perfectionist (less than Aamir Khan, though), because if you ignore this part, you’ll get a hearing from the client in the long run anyways; and that in turn slowly and eventually makes you a pro in hiding bugs in code. Contradicting values in one sentence  I know – but sadly that’s how it is. Special mention to the always jugaadu  Mumbai University students. At times you’ll feel that although the uni didn’t prepare you well for being a part of this space, it at least honed our jugaad skills to get things done by hook or crook.

Time management and Microsoft Excel are the must know skills and without it, you’ll feel spineless. You tend to appreciate weekends even more and heartfelt condolences to all those guys who have Saturday as working. (also to those who say “Yaay! I have Saturday and Sunday off” and then work from home over those days, muttering expletives and crying in a corner)

Also, if you are a person who doesn’t think before saying a ‘NO’ to something, here you’ll most probably be saying otherwise, or you’ll learn fast enough how to say it politely and get a comparatively less appraisal than your peers – either of the one. You must have heard about politics and mind games in corporate culture and if you’re awake enough you can see it glaring back at you or else you’ll be played with often and you won’t even realise it.

Okay boi, that’s enough rant for the day.

Control SRJ, control!

I didn’t even realise how time flew by and I’ve completed half a year already here. I do accept that this phase is definitely interesting (since I just started out, wait for me to speak on this next year and see the contrasting viewpoints) and it’s definitely in line with life’s motto of ‘you’ll learn something new every day.’

What else than the corporate life Sooraj? Tell us something else!

During the month of Feb, I didn’t miss out on Alegria – my alma mater’s annual college fest. It definitely bought back a lot of memories over the last two years I contributed there. Meeting your juniors and hearing the main man behind the fest appreciating your committee definitely brings out a smile on your face.



It was always a dream to see Zakir Khan performing live and Alegria again made this dream come true – like it has been doing since years.

The month of May saw me sneaking into Karnataka to pay a visit to Mookambika Temple over the weekend. A refreshing short break from the usual flow. (A rather too short to be honest). Also, another lesson learnt: Never. Ever. Travel. With. A. Waiting. List. Ticket.

Now to the main topic – what next on theSRJblog?

The previous blog updates I have written over the years gave a hint of what the next few remaining months of the year holds true for the blog – be it an upcoming story, a long list of stories in the pipeline or even announcements. Sadly this year, as I write this update I can only confirm that I’m working on one plot at the moment and nothing else is planned after that as of now. There are definitely ideas floating around my mind once in a while and there are a few stories in the pipeline as well and after looking at the barren blog stats this year, I look to sit down and develop them with some inspiration in mind and some time in hand. ( Deceptive Truths readers triggered )

I hope that I complete developing the current story as soon as possible and write more often, keeping the blog alive in the process. Writing your heart out at three in the morning is a different type of high altogether and it feels good to be back at it.

Till then, enjoy the cricket world cup, listen to Prateek Kuhad and click on twice every day.




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